Finding Visual Connections or Identifying New Trends?

I have been going through some pictures I took whilst in Florence in January last year. I saw so many really interesting people and interesting glasses outside of the more established trends in the market. I like this girl’s glasses and in particular the geometric pattern on the surface of the frame!
Photo by Eyespectacle
This reminded me of these interiors by architects Lecarolimited
The mirrors of different shapes and sizes create geometric patterns
Photograph is by Gerrit Engel
 I sometimes can’t avoid making visual connections, this has been, at least up until now, the way I have been detecting new trends and looked for inspiration. However since the way we design and look for inspiration is evolving, the process of making these connections may become less relevant as more and more people express their own individual personality and therefore reject homogenisation and trends all together. Does this mean making visual connection becomes less relevant? Unless they actually inspire people as opposed to dictating what they should be wearing…What do you think?


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