Bouncy Brunette Locks and Fluttering Eyelashes

Sometimes the most simple of ideas produce the most bold sunglasses, yet very few maintain a link with the initial thought that bought them about, like these witty Tatty Devine sunglasses. Eyelashes?? of course! One of the first things that springs to mind when thinking about eyes, yet the last thing you would think of as the inspiration for sunglasses but Harriet and Rosie worked their magic again!

sketch by Eyespectacle

I like to compare these sunglasses to another gorgeous tongue-in-cheek creation, this time by Vivienne Westwood: the hair-scarf! , I remember they came in various colours, or should I say hair dyes, purple, grey even royal blue...It is impossible to find anymore of them, even on e-bay so I tried to remember what they looked like and I came up with this

design by Eyespectacle

When I was still living in Italy I used to design Vivienne's eyewear collections and I remember discussing the brief for a new pair of glasses with the same screen print used on the scarfs but this time sandwiched in between two layers of acetate, lucky I still kept an OLD catalog, from 1999, so I can share them with you.

photo by Vivienne Westwood
Ho many memories, I must share some more of them with you...


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