Inspired by...modernizing vintage spectacles

I love vintage! I love looking at all the intricate little details people used to spend a lot of time refining, engraving, cutting, hand-polishing, hand-painting...I remember, when I used to work in Italy we had a cabinet filled with "antique and wonderful" frames, this used to belong to my boss, Lucio and I could never spend enough time looking and trying all those rare pieces, every time I looked at them I could see something different that I hadn't noticed before, this has been for many years a valuable source of inspiration for my designs. These days fewer people make eyewear in the same way, for many reasons, it's too expensive, time consuming and there are fewer people that have the same skills as in the past.

But hey! enough of feeling nostalgic!

How about all those outlandish shapes people used to wear in the 50's and 60's? Very few people (outside of the vintage scene, of course!) are brave enough to embrace them today, until you spot someone wearing them with striking nonchalance------>50's spectacles with hair let loose, denim studded jackets, neon colour blocking, neoprene jumpers and basically anything that either didn't exist or no one would have dreamt of wearing back then!

sketch by Eyespectacle


shabbachic said…
Really love your sketches, very inspiring blog and big love of what you've done.......keep posting xxxx
Anonymous said…
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