A tomato red home for my frames

Et voila'! I present to the world my new chest of (mini) red drawers, where all my frames will live from now on.

sketch by Eyespectacle

I picked up this little beauty from a guy who was looking to get rid of some of his furniture, through e-bay! Like most things bigger than a pair of shoes, shopping on e-bay might involve a trip all the way to the opposite end of London, and often this adds value to a BIG purchase, you have earned it! Well, I have earned it twice. The first time I went to collect my purchase, after a trip on the bus, then the overground, then the tube, then another overground train and finally a nice long walk across Blackheath to the seller's front door...I realized my precious piece of furniture wasn't going to fit in the giant IKEA carrier bag I bought with me, let alone be light enough to carry all the way back home, across Blackheath, then on the overground, then... I had to go back by car the next day! But it's here now, safe in my home and ready to share its content with you all...

photo by Eyespectacle


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