Lesson #1 from AdR (and Grace Jones): More is More!

I am never for an all-around tame and subdued look, I always like to wear something, even small and not immediately obvious, that is unexpected. A crazy patterned pair of trousers, a bright coloured skirt or hat, yet I like this to be a detail rather than the overall outfit. Showing your identity is a balancing act, I am proud of myself for shaking off the restrictions of a super-coordinated look, the Italian way, and I certainly enjoy dipping my feet in the fountain of creative freedom of expression that is London. Not all Italians are preoccupied about showing their deeply rooted sense of colour and style coordination; take this lady I met last year in Paris, the late Anna Piaggi, or...Anna dello Russo! AdR's overall style may not be my cup of tea but I kind of understand where it comes from and I appreciate the desire to rebel against all those style rules that stand in the way of good humour and inspired imagination, so yes! I am going to embrace the new range of assssessories (say with a strong Italian accent) she designed for H&M and will surely try and get my mitts on one of those animal bangles once they become available here in the UK! Another AdR gem on my shopping list will surely be a pair of those gold, diamante' encrusted crocodile sunnies she is wearing in her video, I think I can already see a pattern to my shopping list, an animal-inspired one, in fact. All this talk of wildlife has bought to mind another feral beauty, Grace Jones whose attitude and untamed style has certainly encouraged many to go ahead and be brave!

collage by Eyespectacle

Anna's video is very funny but I still prefer Grace's sensual take on transgression (and gold eyeshadow!)


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