Bye bye Summer

I think this is it now, summer has come to an end, so farewell warm sunny days, picnics in the park, sandals, bikinis, sunglasses....well, unless you live in the UK and you have spent most of "Summer" over here, in which case you may only have noticed a quick transition from chilly Spring straight through to chilly Autumn with a loooong monsoon season sandwiched in-between. I have a glass ball and I can see the future so I had given up on the nice weather way back in June and donated most of my beloved summer dresses to my sister when I went to visit her in Italy, so I had very few appropriate clothes to wear on those FOUR days of warm British Summer, still, I enjoyed each one of you balmy days in the sun, it's a shame we have to say good bye now!

sketch by Eyespectacle

These yellow interlaced ear of wheat sunglasses are by Isabel Canovas, accessories designer for Christian Dior in the 80's and for her own label until 1992. The thing that strikes me about her is that she never loaned any of her pieces to anyone, no matter who the celebrity was, this is something that would be considered completly crazy today but her marketing strategy helped her customers know that her creations would never devalue with time...


shabbachic said…
It was a great honour to be portrait in your blog...amazing drawing and big love to the delectation of what you doing xxxx

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