Cat-eyes, pearls and an orange coat

This is when I wish I had an invisible camera, but I don't, I was feeling a little shy and I generally prefer to ask if I can take a picture when I see someone interesting, so when I got home I had to quickly sketch up the lady that stood in front of me on the crowded train coat (tick!), blond bob (tick!), giant pearls (tick!) and, to complement this very conservative and severe look (ha!)..a gorgeous pair of Cutler&Gross dark grey cat-eye glasses (double tick!)! So?! London is full of trendy types who don't shy away from colour and accessories with attitude, you may think. Well, this very trendy lady was in fact a mature lady, not a young girl and here is a lesson on style from someone "slightly" older than we would normally expect...

sketch by Eyespectacle


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