Eyeshadow anyone?

Yesterday's Stylist (for non-Londoners, this is the free weekly fashion mag you can pick up outside any tube or train station) decreed the return of the eyeshadow! I am not sure I am going to join the stampede at Boots' make up counters after this news but eyeshadow did make me wonder weather the revival of the eyeshadow is going to inspire us to play around with FC2 (flither category 2) lens,  these are the really light lens that show your eyes (and your eyeshadow!) and that normally come in fun tints outside of the standard range of brown and smoke. Well, I certainly have enjoyed playing around with both the eyeshadow and the FC2 lens...with Photoshop for now! but once I have practiced my arty hand at getting those lovely colours on my eyelids and without looking too much like Cindy Lauper I may also start playing around with the tinted FC2 lens...

collage by Eyespectacle


Eyespectacle said…
Check out Garance's recent video-post on eyeshadow here http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2012/10/03/pardon-my-frenchkenzo-pop-eyes/


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