Remembering "A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame"

When my love for eyewear started in 1996 with my first job in this industry l.a. Eyeworks was one of the most eccentric and inspiring brands a young designer like me looked at for inspiration, this meant lots of "ooooh", "wow" and "bellissimi!" wheneve I came across any of their frames, then they had this amazing advertising campaign were famous (and a little more obscure, to me at least) celebrities were photographed by Greg Gorman in their frames, way before this practice became mainstream, now of course this is all about what people wear on the street. So, last week, whilst at the eyewear fair in Paris I met with Brent Zerger from l.a.Eyeworks who posed for my camera and also showed me these (very tactile!) embossed metal frames, they were inspired by The Flying Wallendas, a 1940's circus act famous for performing on a highwire without a safety net. This reminded me how some things, even without any apparent connection, can inspire some great designs, but do you want to know what is even nicer? fantasizing about these curious connections ;-)

picture by Eyespectacle - The Flying Wallendas frames by l.a.Eyeworks

The Flying Wallendas

picture by Eyespectacle - Brent from l.a.Eyeworks


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