Winter spring clean finds

Do you know the best thing about spring cleaning? mmmmhh...It's the therapeutic sense of relief that getting rid of unwanted stuff gives you...nop! Making space for new stuff...maybe. It's finding stuff! For a natural hoarder like me, spring cleaning is like (re)finding a treasure trove filled with all the things I found interesting aaaages ago and the wonderful feeling that comes with realizing (you where not wrong the first time round!) that I still find those things inspiring. The second best thing about spring cleaning is sharing my finds with you, here's one a 90s l.a. Eyeworks advertising campaign featuring Simon Rex Cutright (exactly, never heard of him before either...)

The third best thing about Spring cleaning? Following the (online)treasure hunt the things you find will take you on, so here are more pictures from that advertising campaign (and a mantra I wholly believe in!)...

Rene Russo and Vanessa Williams

Johns Waters and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Phranc and Patrick Dempsey

Iman and Sonia Braga

Debbie Harry and Jody Watley

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