Raising eyebrows

My yoga teacher announced she was all about arms last week...Well, this week I am all about eyebrows! In fact, I am all about their relationship with glasses; which, sometimes is a difficult one, sometimes one filled with love...

I know that when choosing a pair of glasses there are many things to take into account: face shape, nose shape, colour of the frame (to complement your own), then there are the social conditioning of trends and fashion which may get in the way of independently choosing a frame that actually shows off your personality. All of this said eyebrows (and glasses!) have the ability to define who you are, so I think this is a good place to start when looking for a new pair of glasses.

Here is the first tip, not from me but from Shobha, a brow shaping parlour in NY City (yep, there are people that make beautiful eyebrows their mission in life, so it's got to be a serious matter, no?): you should always pick glasses that match the shape of your eyebrows (and not the other way round). I guess these Moo Piyasombatkul's frames will look after mine while I try to unriddle the mysteries behind the successful relationship between glasses and eyebrows. Stay tuned!

artwork by Eyespectacle


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