Tips from the mountain top- ski goggles

I love London and city life, even though I grew up in a small town at the foot hills of the Dolomites, so naturally I always try to spend some time there whenever I can. Winters are harsh where I come from but frostbites are generally paid off by unparalleled views of the peaks and, of course, snowboarding! This is the best way to get really freezing cold and to collect lots of bruises allover your body but I love it! Ok, maybe in a masochistic kind of way but it is lots of fun to fly down immaculate slopes after years of frustrating attempts to look like you know what you are doing. The other perk is the joy of a hot shower and a hot chocolate, you do learn to appreciate the small things in life after a day on a mountain top!

There are so many things to consider when you decide to take on snowboarding, or any other winter sport, standing, taking the lift up to the slopes, getting off the lift without making a fool of yourself, the right board, boots, clothes...and ski goggles! And this is where I might be able to give you some advice (this applies to sunglasses, which I don't use but are good as well). I have tried many types and here are the ones that work best for me:

*Have two types of goggles or buy a pair with interchangeable lenses. One with a high filter category (darker lens) for bright sunny days (it's winter, I know, but the sun is super strong and it reflects off the snow). A pair with lighter, yellow lens for when it's hazy and grey or for when it's snowing. In these conditions the slope will look like a flat, white surface...when it is really isn't! So, if you actually want to see where you are going and to spot any dangerous bumps a yellow lens can be useful.

*If you can choose Polarised lens, they will help to reduce harsh glare. On a sunny day the slopes can reflect  sunlight like a mirror right into your eyes (yep, even bright sunshine can prevent you from seeing where you are going!)

Whether it's plain sunglasses or goggles that you decide to go for make sure you always wear them, they will protect your eyes from those pesky branches when you end up hugging a tree at high speed. A good helmet will protect your head!

All of this said my last piece of advice for you is to apply plenty of sunblock, or you will end up looking like this!

illustration by Eyespectacle


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