Following a pattern...Moviebarcodes

I started my blog mainly to talk about one of my greatest passions, eyewear, but the blog also started as an opportunity for me to talk about lots of other things that inspire me, many of these are related to eyewear (in a way or the other...Sometimes the connection is a little enigmatic, I admit it!) and sometimes these things inspire my artwork; I catch myself thinking "mmmhh...What would he or she look like with glasses?" when I see an interesting face standing in front of me on the tube. Sometimes I see, say...A frosted glass vase in a shop window and I have an eureka moment " Wow! That would look great as a finish for a pair of sunglasses". So, when I stumbled upon Moviebarcode I immediately thought " Hey! That would make a great pattern for glasses"...and here is what these glasses would look like.

Some Like it Hot - artwork by Eyespectacle

Moonrise Kingdom - artwork by Eyespectacle

Annie Hall - artwork by Eyespectacle


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