Musing on...Joanna Gniady's SS13 catwalk illustrations

As you may have noticed I very rarely re-post any images from the catwalk shows. This not because everyone else already does, it's because I prefer to imagine the eyewear I see (I RELIGIOUSLY follow what happens on the catwalk!) out of it's intended context, mixed with other items of clothing and accessories, as you would in everyday life, as opposed to styled for the show. I just like eyewear on real people as part of the outfit they chose to put together, not commanded by a brand. All of this said I do like Joanna Gniady's illustrations of some already iconic glasses from the SS13 catwalk shows. I like them because, though they are a faithful reproduction of the look, this look is seen and interpreted through her eyes, it's her personal take on the shows.

Check out more of Joanna's work here.

artwork by Joanna Gnardy 


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