Light tinted lens

artwork by Eyespectacle

So, it's the 70s all over again...well, at least according to Saint Lauren's latest Spring Summer show.

Once the weather decides to change to a sunnier disposition (particularly here in London!) we can start thinking about sunglasses again...and 70s sunglasses?!? Really?? They don't just mean super-wide, deep shapes, generally in caramel colours (which I quite like) but also lighter and see through lens, or filter category 2 (FC2) if I have to be technical. Mmmmm, that I am not so sure about...

You see, I like the look, the proportions, even the colours of 70s sunglasses but it's the fact that you can see your eyes through the lens that I find most challenging. They don't hide the aftermath of a great night out, the fact that you quickly nipped out the house without make up and they don't add that air of mystery that we like to associate to wearing sunglasses...In fact, they just do a different job! 70s sunglasses are for aperitifs in the sunset, BEFORE that great night out, for when you are tanned and happy to make an effort and, most importantly, THEY LOVE MAKE-UP!! I think they are the spotlight for beautiful eyes you want to show off. FC2 lens also come in gorgeous colours that complement those of pencils and eyeshadow.

You remember a while ago I mentioned interesting combinations of glasses and make up? Well, these are the perfect combination of sunglasses and eye make-up! And they do the job like no other, you should try...

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