Pantone 19-3336 TPX Lips

Here it is, the news we'v all been waiting for.................I just read that violet lips are back!! I know, I am not sure I am going to try this either, I have only just got used to wearing mine red. However! According to my new Pantone App violet complements Pantone 18-0435 (olive green) and since I am all about reading into numbers today, I think this means violet lips go well with olive skin, so my skin colour! Naaaaa, still not enough to convince me to try them, but if you are braver than me what I think they work well with are those retro' green mono-colour lens; violet lips can look a little futuristic so a pair of vintage sunglasses just create a well balanced look.

artwork by Eyespectacle and sunglasses by Dries van Noten


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