Visors....Mmmmhhhh, really?!?

So, I am at Selfridges with a friend, trying on sunglasses (what else?!). The usual conversation in a miserably failed attempt NOT to sound (too much) like P'Trique, I sound nothing like him but he's sooooo much fun to imitate......"they are totz amaze!...Naaahhh!...Have you seen these beauties?!...How do you feel about yellow?...Those are crahhaaaazzzyyy!!!!, etc, etc.

Now, just out of the blue and totally catching me by surprise my friend picks up a pair of....VISOR sunglasses...Yes you heard correctly! What would P'Trique say?! What would YOU say/do??...You can choose on of the following options:

(a) you can't look!
(b) you look horrified!
(c) or you decide to be open minded about the whole thing and think back at all those truly cool "legitimate vintaaaje" (to use another P'Triqueism) sunglasses that inspired this die-hard look. This is what I did and here is my trip down memory lane, enjoy!!

vintage Gianfranco Ferre (a classic!)

vintage Paloma Picasso

vintage Cazal (another classic!) from

vintage Porsche (a la Yoko) from

And here is the Sci-Fi look (Star Trek's Geordi La Forge's fovorites!).

vintage Knoll ad

Maison Martin Margiela

Courrege by

Martin Margiela (the essence of the visor)

And more recently from my favorite brand, Marni S13!



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