Starting a glasses and a fringed straw hat

artwork by Eyespectacle
I love people watching! This one of the reason I love London; I could be entertained for hours just people watching! You see, in my (gorgeous!) little hometown, in the Italian Alps, you pretty much know everyone, and if you don't know them personally you know who they are, so very rarely do you stumble upon someone who's look just surprises you. In London this happens all the time, anywhere...not just in super-hip Shoreditch where I have the pleasure to work just for the share entertainment provided by sooooo many hip-copy-cats strolling around.

I fully subscribe to what Scott Schuman says about the subject of inspiring people. The beauty of streetstyle photography is that it allows you to create a story about the subject of your pictures simply because you don't know who they are. But you find them intriguing. This has happened to me so many times, sometimes I have asked if I could take a picture and when this is not possible I just try and draw a sketch.

Well, on Sunday afternoon I found the very inspiring Japanese lady of my illustration. She was in front of me at the Muji till; perfect black bob, Issey Miyake Pleatsplease from head-to-toe (including a Baobao handbag, that's what you call being loyal to the brand!!), sculptural fringed hat, and.....these amazing kat-like frames! I had never seen them before (how did they elude me, despite the hours I spend on the internet looking for interesting eyewear??) and I wasn't going to let her go away without telling me where they where from! They are called Micro-Titan and they are made in Japan...I don't know much more and the only really interesting styles in the collection are actually just these...aren't they cute!

Picture from Paris-Miki Japan


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