I see therefore I am

Walking through the doors of Central Saint Martins College this evening was quite something; the new complex they moved in two years ago is vast and filled with light, in stark contrast with the consumed wood of the old staircase and the dark corridors of it's old home where I studied a few years ago. It smelled of creative expression!

What hasn't changed is this institution's mission to foster and encourage creative thinking and what I discovered today at the BA Jewellery graduate exhibition is the curiosity to explore different objects, other than the ones we would traditionally classify as jewellery. Students have always been experimenting with alternative materials but never before have I seen so many projects based or involving eyewear. One of the most interesting ones I saw today was Percy Lau's "Is 'SEEING' truly 'BELIEVING'?

Percy's questions how we judge things by how they look. We rely on visual perceptions to make sense of the world and wonders what happens when sight is altered? To assist her investigations she crafted these faceted lens out of resin, like prisms, to create a distorted vision (check out her bright red eyebrows and the rubber "ears-ings"!!).

Percy has a genuine passion for glasses and she told me how she likes to play with eyewear, here is another interesting projects of hers!

Central Saint Martin's Graduate Show ends on the 23rd of June, hurry!

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