Hapter stands for one of the reasons why I love writing about eyewear; it's a small and independent brand with a focus on craft and innovation. So, I was very excited when Mirko asked me to write a piece on Hapter, the eyewear concept he created with his business partner, Eric. Mirko and I had worked together in the Italian Alps when we where both at the beginning of our careers in eyewear design and where lucky enough to work in close contact with local craftspeople, who have obviously influenced some of Hapter's (as well as mine) design and craft values.

In 2009, inspired by a recent finding of a pair of military goggles buried in a glacier since the Second World War, Mirko and Eric came up with a new eyewear concept combining craft and technology, industrial-grade surgical steel and cotton fabrics. Fast forward three years and Hapter was born, also thanks to a collaboration with master weavers Lanificio F.lli Cerruti who provided 132 years of experience in creating luxury fabrics.

Each frame is laser-cut out of a sheet of flexible, industrial-grade, surgical steel bonded on both sides with a single piece of 100% cotton fabric.

In keeping with Hapter's minimal design, the steel's suppleness means the glasses are flexible enough to be folded without requiring hinges.

The cotton fabric is treated with a bio solution designed to prevent any stains and fraying of the raw edges.

Each fabric used is tactically different, with a different thread count, some soft and some natural and coarse. Here are my favourite!


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