Blending in, a.k.a. the total look

Matching patterns = Miss prim&proper, right? Wrong. Obsessing about matching patterns in the same outfit is no longer seen as being a fashion straight-laced.

When I moved to London eight years ago, the most liberating thing for me was to see so many people experimenting with mis-matching styles, patterns and colours. Multiculturalism is reflected in people's look over here . So for someone like me who came from Italy, where just about everyone likes to think they are born with a sophisticated sense of style, and you will be frowned upon for not matching styles, colours and patterns "the right way" this was a very liberating experience. The fashion code had expanded overnight for me and there was so much more to play with now!!

So when I walked into House of Hackney's store the other day, my jaw just dropped...Their approach to pattern throws any preconceived idea about pattern matching out of the window. The clothes, the wallpaper, the sales staff's outfits (and their tattoos) and (why not!) the furniture....everything comes in matching patterns, you almost feel like you have walked into an art installation. If you are in London you should check it out!

Since this is all but "the-proper-thing-to-do" when it comes to patterns I am going to embrace the whole matchy-matchy thing again.

One of my favourite House of Hackney prints is the "Palmeral" (T-shirts and wallpaper, love them both) and I found the perfect glasses to go with it, they are by Massada, a small brand who produces handmade frames. I am trying to envision myself in this total-palm-tree-look, dress, shoes, sunglasses and sofa...

At House of Hackney it's also ok to match your tattoo to say, the flower arrangements...

photo by Style Bubble

Or a Persian carpet...The sunglasses are vintage Lafont.

photo by vintage_sunglass_dealer

photo by vintage_sunglass_dealer

House of Hackney Meymey pattern


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