The vanilla flavour of eyewear

You may have noticed that in over a year since starting this blog I never wrote a line criticising a look or a particular design. I love eyewear and enjoy talking about the things that I find inspiring about it, not waste my time ranting about boring glasses.

However, after reading an interesting article on expressing opinions, I want to make an exception. There IS a type of eyewear I find incredibly boooooring, it's not the design per se, it's the vast majority of people's attitude towards it that make me roll my eyes; I am talking about the narrow rectangular glasses most people view as a safe heaven in the difficult moment of choosing a pair of frames. Someone even told me once that they let the optician choose their glasses, I thought "really?! You confer on a stranger the important decision of choosing the single most important purchase when it comes to defining your personality???" (after my rebuke my acquaintance now has become a lot more discerning when it comes to choosing her glasses, yesterday she was wearing a gorgeous pair of oversized ones that suited he features A LOT better than the streamlined rectangular glasses the optician chose for her).

I think eyewear manufacturers and retailers (apart from a few independent ones) are also responsible for inflicting on us rows upon rows of slightly different versions of said boring glasses, our poor decision making skills may have given them the licence to think "these are an easy sale, no one knows what looks best on their nose, really... So lets standardise and produce more of the same!!", instead of taking some risks and offering a wide enough choice of shapes to bring out each ones personality.

But how do you recognise (and learn to avoid!) the "vanilla flavour" of eyewear? Here is a three point guide:

Rule #1
Look around you on the bus or in the cue at the supermarket tills, most people will be wearing the super narrow, metal or plastic glasses similar to the one in the sketch above. Take a mental note of what they look like and the next time you visit the optician, if that is all they have to offer, walk straight out and look for one that offers more variety. You need enough variety to find the right shape to suit your features.

There are no rules, just be adventurous! You need to try on different glasses before you find the one you would feel comfortable walking down the street in. A few brands like Warby Parker have a really nifty tool that allows you to virtually try on their glasses online, or let you try on a few pairs at home (free of charge) and you then only buy the ones you like.

Rule #3
Frames shouldn't overshadow you personality but make it shine!

Have you recently tried on some glasses you never thought you'd wear but that actually really suit you? What do they look like? Let me know!
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