An Inspiring Journey

The thing I love most about writing my blog is that it gives me the opportunity not only to feature and talk about some truly inspiring eyewear but it also gives me a chance to talk about the design process behind it. So, yesterday I met up with Vanina (you may remember her work from a previous post) to talk about the inspiration behind her recent graduate collection titled "Where Do We Migrate To?".

Vanina, who is from Bulgaria, has lived in many different places, from Rome to Ticino, in Switzerland, then New York and now London, and it's the journey and what she took from each place, she tells me, that has most influenced her work. Vanina looked at birds as migrating creatures (here is where the wings running theme comes from!) for her outlandish creations; unlike for birds though who migrate to meet basic needs of survival a lot of people, like herself, migrate for social reasons, to gain experience and find cultural enrichment.

I think "influence" is the key word that summarises this collection. Each piece references the other; the accessories include the same elements and colours found in the knitwear and vice versa. This is not a very common approach, some designers use accessories to complement their garments in different ways; sometimes sunglasses, shoes and handbags include the same elements found in the clothes and some other time the link is a lot more subtle.

Vanina seamlessly weaves each element from knitwear to eyewear and jewellery with fine dexterity and in each piece you can read the inspiration behind it.

The eyewear includes yarns...

...and the knitwear and jewellery include details and fastenings made with the same perspex used for the eyewear.

photo by Eyespectacle

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