Looking for a different experience

glasses by Cutler&Gross, artwork by Eyespectacle

I was talking to a friend about opticians a while ago and why they happen to be (in most cases but, admittedly, not all) just really boring places??

There are many shop that only sell one product category, like shoe shops, hat shops, perfume shops and they seem to be a lot more appealing than opticians. Would you agree? A perfume shop appeals not just to the olfactory senses, it's a showcase of fonts, colours and graphics. It has great visual qualities. Hat shops make you think you can be someone else, even if just for a day. The James Smith&Sons umbrella and walking sticks shop on New Oxford Street makes you think of old fashion travels...

Lucio, my old boss and mentor once told me that eyewear can be a disguise, enhance your personality or transform you into someone else completely...however going to most optician's shops makes for a visually boring experience; those ads with models and attitudes that have no resemblance with real people are super-cheesy and it doesn't help that they happen to sell rows of really boring, variations-on-the-same-theme glasses. I find that glasses (arguably the item that is worn for longer than any other fashion accessory) are 100% decontextualised in current environments where they are sold.

Do you know an optician that offers a great experience, that creates a real context for the eyewear it sells or that is a pioneer in glasses retail?


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