Damir Doma's Colour Clouds

This is a super-late entry on Mykita's Damir Doma collaboration I saw at Silmo. As it often happens the more I read about the brand and the inspiration behind it the more I found it inspiring. Sterling Ruby's spellbinding "Dihedral" influenced the "floating colour clouds" and consequently the wide frames to better show-off the effect; a clear departure from Damir Doma's minute proportions of past seasons.

Still from Sterling Ruby's "Dihedral" video installation

Still from Sterling Ruby's "Dihedral" video installation

The collection also tries to find a link between fashion and art and this reminded me of a video who's memory lay dormant in my mind. You may remember "Elsa" and Miuccia's Impossible Conversations, the one where they argue whether fashion should be called art, do you remember?

In the past 8 years Mykita's has established a clever connection with art, this adds soul to their highly micro engineered collections, in the same way that their use of saturated colours offsets the cold nature of the steel frames.

"Ca lume" by Mark Borthwick for Mykita 8

"Handy up" by Sarah Illenberger for Mykita 8


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