Monday, 16 December 2013

Back to School

artwork by Eyespectacle

On Tuesday last week I had the honour to talk about my job (as an eyewear designer) at a friend's Primary School morning assembly. You can imagine how nervous I felt about talking in front of 150 children (!!!) aged 5-11 years, particularly since I only ever talk about my work with adults...This has been an exercise in defining the fundamentals of what I do, so it could be easily explained to my very unconventional audience. At the same time though I wanted to emphasise the things that make my job inspiring.

So, this is the essence of what I do:

I design shapes and details for glasses and sunglasses, I make sure they are well proportioned as well as interesting, I then choose the materials the glasses are going to be made in.

What inspires me to design glasses is that they enable people to define their well as to see the world clearly!

The thing I most enjoyed was Q&A time at the end, here are my favourite questions the kids had for me:

Can you make a whole pair of glasses out of glass?
I said no because they would be very fragile, but maybe I should have suggested that there are beautiful acetates that can mimic the effect...

Why do you wear glasses? (I was wearing one of my favourites)
They help me to recognise people in the street and to see where I am going!

(The children also asked if I could talk Italian and how old I am :-)

I hope I have inspired them and that some of them will choose to design eyewear one day; it's a great job!

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Monday, 2 December 2013


Experimental Japanese brand Anrealage has always used eyewear (or better still, face-wear) as an integral part of their collections like few have ever done (I find that eyewear is generally an add-on for most brands, it's there to reinforce a mood or a look). In their collaboration with Adlens they cleverly designed a range of clothing and accessories based on focus/out-of-focus digital prints to match the adjustable-focus technology of Adlens's Hemisphere glasses. 

Adlens nifty yet simple technology was created to serve Vision for a Nation's very noble philanthropic initiative and is now available to anyone under the popular buy-a-pair-give-a-pair model. The frames are designed to offer instant prescription by rotating the side dials until the desired power is set. The side dials are then removed once the wearer can see clearly.

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