How to recognise a panto?

Cate Blanchett's character in The Monuments Men was inspired by Rose Valland a french hero who prevented the destruction of tens of thousands of art masterpieces during WWII. Cate, like Rose, wears the panto.

Admittedly it's not this rather austere look that inspired me too find out more about this classic shape, but the film's poster I saw outside my local cinema the other day, where the pantos is part of a much more feminine outfit (plus red lipstick), in contrast and enhanced by the military uniform of the rest of the cast (all men).

Trying to work out who is to lay claim to the invention of the panto around the 1930s (is it the French or the Americans) raised some more questions:

Contemporary re-editions or original vintage?

Ayame Japan

vintage frames from PinceNezShop on Etsy

Minimal design or intricately etched?

Saville Row by Algha Works

1930s American Optical

1930s American Optical

With a high top-bar and curled temple-tips (beware these will get painfully caught in your mane!)?

Vintage Shuron

Would you wear this style?

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