In the Making

see the bottom of this post for clues

Can anyone guess what these things are?

This is a post I had drafted and meant to publish just after visiting the "In the making"exhibition, a few of weeks ago at the Design Museum.

Each object is shown in a frozen moment in time, at a specific stage in the manufacturing process.

glass marble production stage

The appeal is not just for people like me, who are fascinated by the making process, but for anyone curious about how the things we use are made. Most times we are only a few clicks away from purchasing the things we need and a lot of the time we don't see them until they are delivered at our front door.

"In The Making" demystifies how everyday objects are made by unveiling them in their unfinished state, interrupted mid-production, their beauty is in traditional craft or industrial manufacturing methods alike.

Clockwise, from top right (only the last three objects are part of the exhibition):

- Sunglasses: Front blanks, milled from a sheet of acetate, 10% of the manufactory stage (not part of the exhibition but I think this is perfectly fitting! picture from

-Pencils: 9-ply, half slat with coloured strip, 60% of the manufactory stage

-Tennis Balls: Dumbell blanks, die-cut from a sheet of felt, 50% of the manufactory stage

-Glass Marble: Faunas cane cut marble stick, 70% of the manufactory stage

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