A Fresh Pair of Eyes

The Royal College of Art (RCA) and 100% Optical launched a design competition sometime ago and asked students from across the College MA programmes to look at eyewear from a new perspective.

Eight finalists where selected to have their prototypes displayed at the 100% Optical fair last month, by a judging panel including RCA fashion tutors, qualified opticians and eyewear designers. You can read more about it here.

However, for some reason a winner was not announced...so I decided to share with you the ones I thought where the best.

Parsha Gerayesh-Nejad (Unconventional Craft and Manufacture)

Traditionally frames are composed of multiple components. The Perpetual frame is an investigation into construction methods and if it was possible to construct a pair of glasses from one continuous piece of flexible plastic, without hinges but still maintaining the fundamental characteristics of pair of glasses.

Federica Tedeschi (Best Use of Materials)

‘Matter’ is based around the idea of combining traditional eyewear components, such as acetate, with unconventional materials, like embroidery to change our visual and tactile perception of eyewear.

Sofie Van Aelbroeck (Best Eyewear as Art)

Sofie's Little Man Big Man project was inspired by collages, using old family album pictures and looking into folding spectacles...with a rather captivating result!

Wether any of the eight finalists of the competition will decide to further explore eyewear design, materials and craft or venture into other fields of art and design is not important, what matters is that they added a fresh perspective in the (sometimes self-referencing) eyewear world.
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