Bag Portraits

There's an exhibition I really can't wait to see; Mik Artistik: Bags of Life.

I find portraits addictive, though probably not as much as it's been addictive for Mik to keep going at them; he sketched 20,000 people on brown paper bags, with a Biro pen and has been doing so for 30 years...that's almost two portraits a day, every day! I could only find very few pictures of Mik's work on the internet and I want to see what the other people he's been sketching look like (here's a lesson for me; to satisfy one's curiosity for anything truly unconventional can only be experience offline). The other reason I might take a detour from my daily commute is that this exhibition takes place in a barbers-shop-cum-gallery and I want to check out what it's all about. I'll keep you posted and in the meantime here is what some spectacled people look like in Leeds.

portraits by Mik Artistik


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