Neighbourhood Histograms

You may remember Laura Nicholson from a post I wrote (and the sketch I made of her) not long ago, when she first launched her brand, Larke. Laura has recently partnered with Darkroom, one of my favourite stores in London for its strong graphic aesthetic and bold patterns, to create Larke x Darkroom. The displays remind me of 70s radical design movement Superstudio and their mirrors and histograms, which I very much love.

I love it when fashion brands (and eyewear brands, of course!) partner up with lifestyle brands. I find it engaging, it makes me want to be more experimental with my look and I take a shine to things I wouldn't normally wear. I also like the way the shop, and the strict geometric styling of Larke x Darkroom is in sharp contrast with Bloomsbury's quiet and leafy streets, yet closely connected with it's georgian architectural elements. Bloomsbury is home to Laura's studio as well, so I like to think of this as a neighbourhood collaboration, and a perfect one at that!


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