Peackocks in a digital jungle

What makes London unique is the space given to young talent's experimentation in a city famed for its history and tradition of mens fashion. The push and pull between young and heritage is what gives this city it's energy.

As always fashion shows are a platform for street-styling and this year's Collection:Men showed how comfortable men are in being fashionable. Suits where more a choice than a necessity and there was definitively a sense of belonging to a tribe of very elegant people.

Men turned their finely tailored back to sensible and practical dressing and migrated back to the suit, but what strikes me was the individuality, I was expecting a regiment of East London hipsters in utility jackets and lavish facial hair instead there where Rudeboys, 21st century zen minimalists and men in (shiny red!) finely cut suits. A far cry from the type of man I see on the morning commute at Clapham Junction station but I hope men across London will start following fashion a bit more and add a touch of individuality to their office look, the easiest way is through accessories, maybe a slightly off centre pair of socks (my friends at Oybo do a fine job at that), a pair of well designed and crafted eyewear or even jewelery.

One of Collection:Men's shiny stars is A Sauvage and a couple of weeks ago Eyerespect, who you may remember from my recent post on their collaboration with Top Man, invited me to the latest London Collection:Men exhibition and to see the sunglasses they made for the A Sauvage show.

Adrien Sauvage showed a mix of photorealistic digital jungle prints. African-inspired collage and vintage postage stamps prints by Matthew Craven, bomber jackets, T-shirts and skinny suits. All with a strong pair of acetate sunglasses to complete the look.


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