Modern Silhouettes

When Silhouette launched the avant-garde Futura in 1974 the impact was huge. There hadn't been anything like it before, they looked like the future had arrived...but the frames where made in (the very traditional material) acetate, so the innovation was in the look, and a very strong one at that! But not the technology.

Fast forward 40 years and today's Futura re-design still makes a strong aesthetic statement but this time materials and craft have caught up with the changes in technology; the frames are made of SPX+, a lightweight, super flexible polyamide...I wonder if they will under my snowboard helmet?

At the same time of writing this post I was musing over Noa Raviv's 3D printed dresses and thought they have so much in common with the Futura, and that's not just the aesthetic. Technology plays a big part in the beauty of both designs.


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