Romeo Gigli - A Serene Elegance

Romeo Gigli - original 90s vintage

details from the A/W 1989-90 show

Romeo Gigli was part of that late 80's/early 90's zeitgeist who looked at faraway lands and cultures for inspiration. His father was an antiquarian book dealer and his mother a contessa, after the loss of both his parents he dropped out of university and decided to travel the world, this is where he starts collecting fabrics, objects and ideas from the places he visited, the strongest influence being from the Silk Route, Iran, Morocco and Istanbul.

I remember Gigli's opulent brocades, rich velvets and raw silks, breathtakingly beautiful and executed in calm, graceful dresses and coats. This was back in the mid 90's and I will forever remember his Spring/Summer '98 show as the first one I have ever been to. At the time his career was nearing a sad end and his creations are almost completely forgotten today. You can read an interesting article about this on the Telegraph.

But no brand can hide from the scourers of vintage archives and in the same way Gigli bought back inspiration from his travels, I can see Romeo Gigli's opulent heritage is inspiring fashion today. I recognised those swaths of fabric wrapped around the body, the soft volume at the hip and the serene elegance at The Row's show, this September.

With Modern Vintage I found a range of beautiful pieces, the small shapes, single top bridge and delicate details all remind me of that day at Gigli's 90's show, when I thought his eyewear was the most inspiring in the world.

Benedetta Barzini in Romeo Gigli - photo Paolo Roversi

Romeo Gigli - original 90s vintage

Persian Collection 1994

Romeo Gigli - original 90s vintage

1987 ad - photo Paolo Roversi
Romeo Gigli - original 90s vintage


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