Cork Oak & Nylon Dust

I should have titled this post "In search of the perfect fit". I am forever looking for the perfect glasses to fit my (and others) face and a lot of the time I get so caught up with aesthetic and forget glasses have to fit comfortably too. So, Adrian Gögl came to the rescue, with a solution for opticians to adopt.

A 3D scan of your nose is taken (yes, 3D is collecting facial information, not just 3D print things), then a negative form of the nose is milled out of a small piece of cork which is attached to 3D printed nylon glasses, et voila' they sit just there where they are meant to, no more sliding down the nose...and more importantly, cork is soft enough to prevent ugly pressure marks!

The frames are then dyed, a bit like what Mykita do with Mylon.

The case is also made of cork, milled to the exact shape of the glasses.


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