Saturday, 12 July 2014

Rudie Boys and Girls at Somerset House

If you think that fashion is an attitude and you haven't been yet you can't miss "Return of the Rudeboy". Somerset House's latest exhibition exploring the style, swagger and significance of the 21st century Rudeboy. Created by Photographer and Film maker Dean Chalkley and Creative Director Harris Elliott, the depiction reveals a collective of sharply dressed individuals whom embody the essence of this important and rarely documented subculture. This is a journey through it's aesthetic codes, music, sartorial strut and history from it's early days to the 21st Century.

"Originating from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica in the late 1950s, Rudeboy or Rudie came to represent the young rebels who wore distinctively sharp sartorial styles such as Mohair suits, thin ties and round or squared-out sunglasses.  The style was closely connected to the music movements of the time; their initial inspiration derived from American Jazz and R&B musicians as well as some notorious gangsters.  As is prevalent in the Rudeboy culture, the origins were appropriated and then twisted. The Rudeboy has travelled through time since then and evolved; in the 1980s, Two-Tone brought it right back into the frame.  Today’s young men and women have adopted the swagger and adapted the essence of the original Rudeboy, but for a 21st century generation."

You will find portraits of top travelling tailors Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, from creative collective Art Comes First, DJ Don Letts and even Bob Marley, pretty much unrecognisable as a Rudie (see if you can spot him ;-)

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Late, Modern and Censored

Maria Vittoria Backhaus - Fotoromanzootto - Roma 1963

I just got an email about LateAndModern Gallery about their latest project. The body of work focuses on a number of "unexpected" photographs, from the 60s to the 90s, by some of Italy's major fashion photographers; Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Alfa Castaldi (husband of the late Anna Piaggi), Gian Paolo Barbieri, Giovanni Gastel and others.
The images represent the authors personal feelings, his cultural roots and sensitivity, focusing on photography rather than fashion or style. Furthermore these selected works have, for some reason, been censored or refused by publishers.

My favourite works are Alfa Castaldi's Cubism portfolio; his research on a possible photo-cubist technique.

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