Surrealist Fashion - Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin -Vogue Paris May 1970

If you are in London and you are into fashion photography, then there is an exhibition you must see. Guy Bourdin: Image maker; from Man Ray’s protégé to artist in his own right, the exhibition covers 40 years of his career.

Bourdin's work took the basic function of the fashion photograph -to sell clothing, beauty and accessories- and made it into something rich and strange, he did this by establishing the idea that the product is secondary to the image.

What I like about his approach is that he preferred to shoot lesser products, like make-up and accessories (the fringes of fashion), to turn this into something rich and strange, he even managed to add hitchcockian suspense to his Charles Jourdan adverts.

Hurry, exhibition ends on the 15th of March!


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