Retirement Renaissance

This year Selfridges decided to turn their "Bright Young Things" project on its head and showcase "Bright Old Things" instead. The idea was to do away with an outdated idea of age and present 14 men and women who followed a new vocation in later life.

Selfridges collaborated with illustrator and photographer Todd Selby to show and illustrated creative in they'r space. One of them is Robert Roope of Black Eyewear; a former optician, now designer.

Photo - Todd Selby

Robert sees "timeless style in eyewear as styling that embraces the fundamental structures of the face; it is styling that creates resonance and harmony with our face structure . It can be elusive, but we recognise it when we see it. It fits somehow; it belongs to the long history of the face."

Illustration - Todd Selby

Black Eyewear

We see career paths skewed towards the young, fashion brands are poised on celebrating youth yet Celine's recent advertising campaign has possibly made us realise that no one now young will look as cool as 80 year old writer Joan Didion. Old age is cool!

I know who is inspiring my future old age style, who inspires yours?

photo - The Sartorialist

photo - The Sartorialist

gallerist Rossana Orlandi

photo - The Sartorialist


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