Sunday, 26 July 2015

We take pleasure in looking

We all know that feeling of gazing and being gazed upon. Through a 16mm-shot, "Notes on the Gaze", Canadian filmmaker Chelsea McMullan asked herself what do women want when they gaze at other women; her question subverting the dominant male gaze of 70s European auteurs such as Godard, Fellini and Antonioni, who's male gaze wanted to possess women.

This is McMullan's conclusion, “I think I want to be other women, to feel what it would be like to change bodies; to have a different hair texture, eye color, or body shape; to see myself through the eyes of another women.”
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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Generation I

photo Maxim Gagarin

When it comes to individual self promotion, mainly through Instagram, brands have embraced the new obsession and others based their entire aesthetic on it. Most of the long established fashion houses will throw generation-I(nstagram) a bone and design a couple of styles that will stand out in a selfie. The rest of their collection remains as bland as ever, to ensure the beads on their shareholder's abacus tally up.

Then came Fakoshima, who embraced people's desire to be visual, who buy a design, not a logo; they have the exuberance to do whatever you want, because they can. This echoes the same energy Bodymap bought into the fashion wold in the mid 80s.

Fakoshima is the nickname of the brand’s Creative Director, Konstantin Shilyaev. Each style in the collection is heavily influenced by Kontantin's background in graphic design and styling, as well as his love for Japanese culture....Instagram ready!

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

20/20 trending

After writing online for the past three years, I decided to try my hand at printed media and work as part of an editorial team (and to strict deadlines!). I have enjoyed it a lot and I am super proud to share my first piece with you!

You can find all my work as editorial contributor here.

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Monday, 6 July 2015

From LA, a lesson in contemporary luxury

My love for vintage eyewear prompted me to jot down a fantasy shopping list of vintage-to-be sunglasses, which I would then like to rediscover in 30 years time.

My first addition to this imaginary collection would be a design from Jacques Marie Mage's Vanguard Collection by Jerome Mage. Each design in this succinct selection, is limited to a series release of 25-175 pieces, with the intention to create rarified mementos that return true meaning to luxury, which for Jerome lies in fair and ethical workmanship, as well as design and materials.

The inspiration behind the Vanguard Collection shows Jerome's dept of art and design knowledge, as he is heavily influenced by the art deco and neo-cubist periods of the early-20th century, when artists sought to balance and combine geometrical shapes and mixed materials to create new aesthetic forms. The Vanguard designs incorporate offbeat marquetry of horn, wood and precious metals; material mixology, as they like to call it at Jacques Marie Mage's atelier.

My favourite style is the Clara, named after Nancy Clara Cunard, the bohemian heiress and activist who helped popularise African culture in the early 20th century and socialised with the who’s who of the era’s avant-garde.

In my view, taking risks is an important prerequisite for contemporary luxury. Jerome provides a lesson in this as well by mixing traditional craftsmanship and materials with a blast of rich colour!

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