From LA, a lesson in contemporary luxury

My love for vintage eyewear prompted me to jot down a fantasy shopping list of vintage-to-be sunglasses, which I would then like to rediscover in 30 years time.

My first addition to this imaginary collection would be a design from Jacques Marie Mage's Vanguard Collection by Jerome Mage. Each design in this succinct selection, is limited to a series release of 25-175 pieces, with the intention to create rarified mementos that return true meaning to luxury, which for Jerome lies in fair and ethical workmanship, as well as design and materials.

The inspiration behind the Vanguard Collection shows Jerome's dept of art and design knowledge, as he is heavily influenced by the art deco and neo-cubist periods of the early-20th century, when artists sought to balance and combine geometrical shapes and mixed materials to create new aesthetic forms. The Vanguard designs incorporate offbeat marquetry of horn, wood and precious metals; material mixology, as they like to call it at Jacques Marie Mage's atelier.

My favourite style is the Clara, named after Nancy Clara Cunard, the bohemian heiress and activist who helped popularise African culture in the early 20th century and socialised with the who’s who of the era’s avant-garde.

In my view, taking risks is an important prerequisite for contemporary luxury. Jerome provides a lesson in this as well by mixing traditional craftsmanship and materials with a blast of rich colour!


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