Lunar Eclipses And Eyes As Gems

photograph by Sylwana Zybura  

As the 2016 edition of 100% Optical approaches, I look back at one of my favourite project's, from the last edition of the fair's Royal College of Art eyewear design competition, where MA students where invited to submit their designs.

Honggang Lu's original concept for ‘Lunar Eclipse’ was a collection of adornments for the eyes in the form of a ring with a magnifying lens; this has now been developed into a collection of small sculptural objects that the wearer can interact with.

Honggang's poetic inspiration lies in the observation of different ways people position their hands near their face; the way we pull our hair behind our ears or the way we rest our face on our hand. "The method of wearing these eyewear pieces varies the interaction between the jewellery and the
wearer; as well as offering different ways of placing hands around their face and body", said Honggang.

From his first designs for the ring, he went on to create some more jewellery, like broaches and pendants to, once again connects the hand to the jewellery, to the eyewear and then the face.

photograph by Sylwana Zybura  

photograph by Sylwana Zybura  


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