Geometry Tricks

Artwork by Eyespectacle - Sunglasses: Pawaka, Markus Lupfer, JPLUS, Ralph Vaessen

Sometimes fashion charms us through beautiful complexity. Our relationship with seasonal trends may be a love or hate affair, as these are often polarized into completely opposite aesthetics. This season is as much about assertive, pure geometric shapes at one end of the spectrum as it is about rétro preppy glasses in classic tortoiseshells, at the other end.

I picked a side and followed my penchant for a more assertive look, defined by architectural geometry. Each creation is designed to be a sculptural form, addressing the similarities between fashion and architecture. Pawaka follows strict rules of symmetry, other designers, like JPLUS and Ralph Vaessen celebrate the asymmetry of the human body with off-kilter shapes. These are exercises in simplification and precision, working to get more across with fewer elements. Think Patrick Nigel’s stylized graphics meet Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract compositions.

As well as sharp geometric configurations there is an element of Surrealism and the trickery of trompe-l’oeil effects like Markus Lupfer did, challenging our eyes as well as our minds. The irony of playing with optical illusions, on a device that is meant to improve our eyesight.

A version of this article was published in the January 2016's - Avant Garde edition of Eyebook magazine, where I am a contributor on eyewear trends.


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